Warehouse Automations

Scale up your business, be prepared to meet the challenges of a consumer-driven era, where the fast emerging e-commerce industry sets new standards for order fulfillment process. Improve throughput, increase accuracy and reduce costs by utilizing smart automation solutions to simplify and automate warehouse operations, optimize warehouse floor space and ultimately maximize productivity and profitability.

Mantis offers affordable warehouse automation solutions, utilizing 3rd party middleware / hardware automations tightly integrated in Logistics Vision Suite, providing a seamless and modular implementation for warehouse operations.

Technologies designed, developed and supported by Mantis:

Light Directed Systems
Provided in various configurations such as Pick-to-Light, Pick-to-Cart, Put-to-Wall, Sort-to-Light for automating picking & sorting operations.

Voice Directed Systems
Delivering instructions by voice to accommodate hands-free and eyes free picking to maximize picking accuracy either by standard Pick-by-Voice configuration or by the more enhanced multi-modal speech directed configuration, where voice instructions in combination with touchscreen utilization delivering significant productivity gain.

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems - AS/RS
A middleware -WCS- tightly integrating Mantis' Logistics Vision Suite with various Automated Material Handling Systems such as Miniloads, Shuttles / Carousels, Pallet Stacker Cranes, Sorters, Cutting Machines, etc.

RFID System Integration
Built-in functionality to utilize RFID technology to capture and collect information in warehouse inbound and outbound inventory operations, resulting in high throughputs and errors elimination.