Siton Online

e-Commerce Supermarket

Siton Online, is the first e-Commerce supermarket in Israel. The company offers the Israeli consumer an advanced digital application as well as a website, allowing the private consumer to purchase online household goods and food at wholesale prices.

Siton is efficiently managing its distribution through a "Dark Store" located in central Israel and delivering thousands of orders every week throughout the country. The Dark Store essentially is a distribution center designed and optimized for the e-commerce operations of a supermarket.

Mantis' extended experience in WMS / logistics solutions for sophisticated e-shops and leading international Super / Hyper-markets as well as its long term and successful presence in Israel, were the key factors that led Siton to select Mantis Israel for its logistics needs.

The solution implemented was based on Mantis' Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) including among else Pick2Cart - based Multiple Order - Zone picking through mobile (RF) terminals, Touch Screen Packing and Checking stations, etc.

The process

Home and office customers are creating orders through Siton Online website or mobile application. End customers can either add new items to an order from the website or the mobile application catalog or simply scan its barcode using the cellphone camera. Once a customer order is created and confirmed it is transmitted to Siton ERP system (SAP Business One) for financial approval and customer service support. The order, after being allocated to a geographical sector (through the Road-Net routing system), is transferred through an automatic interface mechanism, to Mantis' Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) in order to be picked, packed and loaded on the allocated vehicle.

Multiple Order Picking By Zone

In order to reduce picking time and improve workforce productivity, the picking process is done by picking zone and by group of orders, each group consisting of 16 orders. In this picking method the orders are accumulated in the WMS for the next delivery day. The orders lines are sorted by items that are physically stored in accordance to different zones in the warehouse. Each picker is responsible to perform consolidate picking of all the items that are stored in the zone under his responsibility and sort these items in accordance to the different orders on a 16 bins picking cart. This way the picker is instructed by the RF terminal to pick 16 orders total amount of a specific item from its location and place the items picked in different bins on the cart. The picker confirms the pick by scanning the picking location upon arrival and by scanning the cart bin once the items are placed in it. This way Siton can real time track and monitor the picking process of the orders. It also helps reducing picking mistakes and stock errors.

Consolidation of picked order lines

Once the picker finishes picking all the items in his zone, he pushes the picking cart to a consolidation zone which includes 16 large bins. The picker transfers the items picked from the specific cart small bin to its equivalent large consolidation bin. After all pickers completed emptying their carts into the consolidation bins, they continue picking by zone the items for the next 16 orders group.

Touch Screen Checking & Packing

The consolidation bins are transferred from the consolidation zone to the checking and packing zone. This zone includes four touch screen workstations running Mantis' LVS Touch Screen Packing & Checking application. The items of each order are scanned, organized and packed nicely in delivery boxes of proper sizes along with a shipping note and a commercial invoice which are printed at that phase. Additional items (promotions, substitute items, large items such as toilet paper packs) are added at this phase too.

Once checked and packed the order are placed on the allocated ramps and later on are loaded by RF scanning on the delivery vehicle. At this phase the system tracks the delivery vehicles in real time until the orders are delivered to the end customers which can be a residential home or an office.

The benefits

Siton successfully delivers customer orders with high precision, low operation costs, and with high customer service level. All the items arrive to the end users with no damage and in the right quantity thanks to the packing work done in the checking and packing zone. The amount of pickers needed is not big thanks to the multiple order picking process, efficiently managed by LVS.

Siton is the first game changer in the Israeli e-Commerce supermarket sector and Mantis Israel is proud of being a part of it.