Andromeda - Mediterranean Project

Fish Farming Company

Andromeda, one of the largest and fastest developing companies in the fish farming sector in the Mediterranean Sea, follows a business strategy based on the superior quality advantage compared with its competitors. Having invested in Greece, Albania and Spain, Andromeda aims at offering fresh fish within 24h-48h to the majority of the European countries providing at the same time high quality customer service.

This challenge was named Mediterranean Project. In order to accomplish this strategic achievement, Andromeda preceded to strength its corporate structure. The main pillars of this effort is the invigorating of the management team, the upgrade of the business processes and the development of specialized programming and reporting tools that lead to the optimal decision making. In order to achieve this goal, Andromeda has decided to invest in the installation of a control and a real time inventory management system. Following this direction, Andromeda has chosen Mantis Informatics as a strategic partner and installed Logistic Vision Suite.

Implementation Obstacles and Solutions

Mantis' inventory and traceability management system monitors directly and in real time all stages of the supply chain from fish harvesting to delivering them to the end customers. Andromeda' s supply chain operation has three different directions which, according on the processes they support, are divided to full operation packaging facilities, non-full operation packaging facilities (co-operating) and the associated Logistics distribution center.

According to the weekly plan of the fish harvesting, the packaging center receives the fish in fish tanks. The analytical plan is indicated in the system as an expected receipt from production which includes detailed information such as harvesting unit (supplier), code type (fish-size), packaging, quantity, cage harvesting, lot, packing facilities etc. According to the above, the system automatically creates a lot.

Subsequently, fishes are placed in modern sorting machines of Marel company where there is the capability of producing many different product codes (sizes) which are commercially packaged in variety of boxes and trade weights. Following the sorting machine, barcode labels are printed with detailed information for each case. At the end of the production line, there is a control station with a digital scale where a quality control process is performed for each box.

Afterwards, by using wireless terminals, the boxes are received and a standard palette is created. When the user completes the setting - statement, it is appeared on the screen of his terminal the declared number of boxes on the pallet and the user has the capability of sorting by item code, commercial weight etc. A unique serial package number created by the system ensures the company, in case the operator scans twice the barcode of the box by displaying an error message on his screen. At the end of this process, a relevant statement is issued with the percentage per part number including the number of fishes and their weight. Finally, throughout an ERP data interface, a receipt statement is issued automatically without errors.

Due to the peculiarity of fresh fish, the ordering procedure is a process quite dynamic and variable. The short lifetime of the product, the long delivery time of the orders and the complicated production process, which is often affected by the weather conditions, make the ordering procedure extremely difficult. As a consequence of these parameters, the production is based on the purchase order forecasting and the purchase orders are modified by the customers until the last moment of the loading operation.

The initial customer orders, which are based on existing stock and on next packaging expectations, are inserted daily in Andromeda ERP system. Once the orders are finalized, the customer's requests are appeared on Mantis' WMS and the stock control process begins not only by product code or type but also by orders restrictions (freshness, lifetime). Then, the ordering picking starts by using wireless portable RF terminals.

At the associated distribution center, the purchase orders are converted in picking orders and are processed by the employees of the warehouse using RF terminals. Summarizing all the above, the significant benefits for Andromeda by using Mantis' WMS and wireless portable terminals, among others are the direct information and reporting of the sales department (actual progress, order status, order tracking etc.). All the above information is also promptly available in real time by ERP. After the order picking is fulfilled, it is related to the ERP and a relevant delivery statement is issued instantly without errors.

Benefits for Andromeda

  • Customer - oriented inventory management in relation to the 24h-48h target, which implies the Mediterranean Project.
  • Safer and faster processing in the packaging facilities and in distribution centers. Coordination of the production process of the final product with the supply chain.
  • Withdrawal of all hardcopy documents, relating in and out data for raw materials and final products.
  • Recording all the necessary information in real time in an integrated database system.
  • Automatic issuing of all commercial documents throughout online communication with the ERP.
  • Direct access in detailed information for available or reserved stock.
  • Error reduction during the order execution process by reliable and secure methods.
  • Reduction of the costs of monitoring, controlling and management of the inventory.
  • Connection with production line Marel database via a unique part number for each box.
  • Contribution to the creation of a state - of - the - art information system consisting of business intelligence reports, data modeling, data warehouse, innovating algorithms and data mining.

Andromeda's View

  • Andromeda, the fastest developing fish farming company in the Mediterranean Sea, has cooperated with Mantis in order to install a unique warehouse management system.
  • The benefits gained from this cooperation are the implementation of an integrated information system for monitoring and managing the inventory in real time from the farming unit to the final customer. With Mantis' WMS, the company has increased its productivity, minimized the errors and established a comprehensive traceability system which is capable to detect the entire product supply chain satisfying their clients.
  • Andromeda gained competitive advantage over other companies of the same market providing with full transparent information to clients and public authorities, while offering innovated high - level customer services.