Mantis Informatics

Mantis, is a leading international WMS/logistics software and solutions vendor, addressing the demanding requirements of large enterprises in more than 20 countries in Europe and Russia-CIS and recently in USA/Canada and Middle East.

Mantis' platform's design represents a great leap in WMS/logistics technology, offering true adaptability & flexibility that is unique world-wide. It meets the needs of even the most demanding large enterprises with ease and helps them to achieve an unbeatably fast ROI + low TCO. The company makes this claim, after having successfully outperformed some of the best competitive WMS on the market.

More than 400 enterprises, many of them leading multinationals, representing all major market sectors (3PLs/4PLs, retailers, distributors / wholesalers, etc.) and selling channels (traditional and e-commerce) rely on Mantis' software and solutions to run and optimize their warehousing and logistics operations. The system has been successfully integrated with most major ERPs (SAP, Oracle / JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Epicore / Scala, etc).

Whether you are a company looking to use an advanced logistics information system or a partner to promote, customize and support such systems in your country, you are welcome to contact us.

Mantis RAM

Mantis state-of-the-art Rapid Adaptable Methodology

Based on a long experience and a plethora of successful sophisticated projects with top multinationals, Mantis has developed its Rapid Adaptable Methodology (RAM) to implement logistics projects:

Rapid because the businesses cannot wait to enjoy the benefits of the logistics system.

Adaptable because each logistic project is special in such a globalized and sophisticated market and because LVS' outstanding adaptability allows it.