The retail market is extremely competitive. Because of the usually low profit margins and the high customer service levels required, the logistics costs and efficiency are playing a key role in the net profitability.

To redude your costs you need to take into consideration the complexity of a logistics environment which is defined by:

  • A large number and variety of SKUs and suppliers,
  • A plethora of SKU categories and variants (color, size, etc.),
  • Products of variable weight,
  • Demanding cross docking operations of "difficult" products such as fresh vegetables & fruits, fresh and frozen meat & fish,
  • The combination of direct (from the supplier to the shop) and indirect (through the retailer's DC) modes of delivery to the store,
  • Advanced stock allocation scenarios required to support the continuous promotions of various variants of the goods, etc.

What you need is the know-how accumulated by many successful implementations in very demanding retail companies.

Deep industry knowledge has allowed Mantis to gradually build its advanced vertical specialized solutions for the retail industry including:

  • Warehouse management for the central and regional distribution centres with built-in best practices for the retail industry.
  • In-store logistics solution to efficiently manage and automate:
    • Receiving to the store (from central / regional DCs and from local suppliers).
    • Cross-docking to fulfil pending orders and/or to replenish the show rooms / shelves.
    • Managing the in-store stock whether in the show room or in local storage areas.
    • Picking, packing & delivering the goods.
    • Inventory planning through forecasting and optimized replenishment at all levels from Distribution Centers to stores. The objective is to minimize the stock levels and at the same time increase the sales by improving the availability of the right product at the right place at the right time.