Logistics Service Providers (3PL/4PL)

In a very competitive market where the customers of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) are very mobile, have complex needs and raise new demands daily, you as Logistics Service Provider need a strong ally born in the Third-Party Logistics market, a market player who created the new DNA of WMS.

You need Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis.

Mantis' Logistics Vision Suite has been born in the Third-Party Logistics market in 1996. Since the very beginning Logistics Vision Suite was designed to offer adaptability features for Logistics Service Providers.

Logistics Vision Suite is now the solution of choice for multinational Logistics Service Providers and it is established as the best logistics information system for top Logistics Service Providers in the world offering:

  • Warehouse management with true adaptability and flexibility.
  • Very fast start-up of new customers with easy deployment and support by LSP staff and/or Mantis and its partners.
  • Advanced highly adaptable billing for all warehousing activities. Enables and encourages by its structure large LSPs employing WMS/logistics experts to gradually build their own logistics information system ("powered" by Logistics Vision Suite).
  • Affordable automation consists of a smart combination of proven and competitively priced 3rd party middleware/hardware warehouse automation systems.
  • Logistics value added services with kitting, Bill of Material, Touch Screen Packing.